Back Again…… Again

Anyone that’s familiar with my blogging knows I have a penchant for suddenly disappearing and abandoning my blog for days (sometimes weeks) on end. It’s a terrible habit, I know. But that’s just crazy old me. Anyways, I’m back again, and I hope my followers are still here. Well, here goes….. Again!

Postcard Shot


There are some pictures I take and I just can’t help thinking “that would look awesome on a postcard!”. Yes, this is one of them!  This picture just makes me think of an idyllic afternoon on the beach, just relaxing, with no worries in the world. Unfortunately, it wasn’t such an afternoon for me – I took the picture from a moving car! Still, I wouldn’t mind a lazy afternoon, lying on the white sands of a quiet beach and just watching life go by; laid back, relaxed and just being. That would be perfect.

Sitting Under The Setting Sun


One of my best ways to spend evenings is to sit outside and watch the sun sink behind the buildings and cast a beautiful glow over everything as the moon begins to make it’s appearance. It’s just amazing, the colors that come with sunset and the beauty it transforms nature into. It’s picture perfect and it’s a moment not to be missed. You should try it sometime. It’s pure bliss.

Looking On


It’s interesting how some pictures turn out even when they are not what you intended when you took them. Like this one, that had the elderly man practically staring directly at me as if he knew I was just about taking a picture with him in the shot. But that’s not all I feel here though. I also feel dwarfed by the rig in the background, the enormity of our creations and how tiny we, the creators, are in comparison. Reminds me that we can all do great things even when what we want to achieve seems greater than us. All around us are these lessons. We should do well to learn them.

The Storm Is Coming


Have you ever stood and watched the storm clouds sweep in to darken the sky? It’s a truly special moment, that point where you can see clear sky on one side and the deep darkness on another. I love them, because they illustrate life’s differences, how they can co-exist and how they instead choose to want to overrun each other. Nature shows us who we are sometimes. We need to stop, look and take lessons.

Looking Out


Some moments just seem perfect for standing in the doorway and looking out as life goes by. Sometimes it’s at first light, sometimes at midday. On a particularly lazy day, evenings are just awesome for looking out. Whatever that time is for you, it’s to be savored, the beauty of each sight to be appreciated; whether it’s a quiet road, a busy street or a green lawn. We all need time out to just stand, just be and just appreciate life and nature.

Charred Scribbles


So I decided to take a break from taking pictures of the sun and the sky (I know, I do that a lot!) to do something slightly different. Saw these scribbles on the remains of a partly burnt door and they took me back to my childhood where every surface was a canvas to be drawn, scribbled and painted on. Of course, now, I’m unlikely to scribble random things on charred doors except I’m trying to produce art (or I’m really, really, extremely bored!) but I do kind of miss those years when everything was beautiful in it’s own way and anything could be art. And although I’m an adult now, I think I can recall the feeling of singular concentration I had while drawing, moulding, scribbling art that I would soon forget completely about.

Silhouette Against An Artsy Sky


Do you ever look up and the sky looks like one vast, endless canvass covered in the most amazing art? For me, that’s like an everyday, phenomenon. Everyday, the sky looks like a new painting; some more beautiful and causing deeper feelings than others previous or subsequent. Today’s sky was a bright blue, white and grey masterpiece, a sight to be savored; to be captured for future enjoyment, the silhouette of the building and tree only adding to the elements that made this artwork all the more beautiful. And capture it, I did. In my own small manner, I captured the beautiful vastness of an artsy sky over Lagos.

Who Nigerian Strike Epp?



So word has gone out that there may/will be a strike from the middle of this week and that Nigerians had better start stockpiling on food and other essentials. Unexpected? Not really. But in whose best interests is any possible strike action at this point?

I’m a young man. I can’t say Continue reading

Sleek And Shabby


It’s rather difficult to properly highlight the differences between classes in just one, on-the-spur-of-the-moment picture. This picture (lucky take by me, in my opinion) seems to properly highlight that difference, the shiny smoothness of the posh G-Wagon in the background and the shabby roughness of the dance bus in the fire and, stuck between them, a young man’s reality of where he is and where he would clearly rather be. It’s saddening but it’s all so real. It’s the story of the daily struggle.